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Key programmer BMW Keyprog v.4.3

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BMW key programmer is a stand-alone device for the registration of electronic keys of BMW cars (2005-2013).

  • Supported BMW models: E60, E65, E66, E70, E71, E81, E82, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93 with CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3 + units, including systems with SOPT and SOPT + modes. The SOPT + security mode limits access to the data required to register the key.
  • It is required to reprogram the CAS unit to bypass this protection. “BMW OBD-Prog” allows you to do this in automatic mode.


Main features and differences

Programming CAS units via the diagnostic connector OBD-II.
Support for systems with activated SOPT mode (version ISTA-P 39-42).
NEW !!! Support for systems with the activated mode SOPT + (version ISTA-P 43 – 48 and above !!!).
Simple and convenient interface (no buttons and complex instructions).
Fully automatic operation mode.

Fast programming protocol (registration time of one key is 10-20 seconds – for SOPT version and earlier and 12-15 minutes for SOPT + version).
Support for original keys (315, 433, 868 MHz) and transponders PCF7936.
Possibility of registering up to 10 keys in one CAS unit. The eleventh key is overwritten in place of the first.
Update via the Internet (on request of the serial number of the device).
DTC Erase Errors *
Synchronization function with ELV unit (steering column lock) *.
Unlocking the door locks and turning off the security system *.
* – functions are performed automatically.

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Delivery and payment

Доставка осуществляется почтой России EMS, отправлениями 1-го класса (авиа). Как правило отправления идут от 3-7 дней в зависимости от региона. Все отправления имеют опись, страховку и дополнительную ударопрочную водонепроницаемую упаковку,что полностью исключает повреждения при транспортировке.

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