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Keylogger for Jaguar, Land Rover (2010 — 2015)

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The Jaguar Key Programmer is designed to program additional original keys for new Jaguar, Land Rover (JLR) models via the OBD II car connector, even if all keys are lost.

  • Support for the model with CAN BUS release since May 2010.
  • Key programming takes place in 15 seconds, in the absence of errors in the transmission of radio signals from the key to the car.
  • In the presence of such errors, programming can take about 25 seconds while repeating some stages of the programming procedure.
  • A maximum of 8 keys can be programmed in the car’s immobilizer memory.

Important: in the future this programmer can be updated via the Internet from 2015 and onwards

Model Model year Vehicle Code
Land Rover Discovery IV 2010 — 2014 L319
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 L—
Range Rover Sport 2010 — 2013 L320
Range Rover Sport II 2014 — 2015 L494
Range Rover Mark III 2010 — 2012 L322
Land Rover Freelander II 2013 + L359
Land Rover Freelander III 2014 — 2015 L550
Range Rover Mark IV 2013 — 2015 L405
Range Rover Evoque 2012 — 2015 L538
Jaguar XE 2014 X152
Jaguar XF 2013 + X250
Jaguar XJ 2010 — 2013 X351

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Доставка осуществляется почтой России EMS, отправлениями 1-го класса (авиа). Как правило отправления идут от 3-7 дней в зависимости от региона. Все отправления имеют опись, страховку и дополнительную ударопрочную водонепроницаемую упаковку,что полностью исключает повреждения при транспортировке.

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